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Munnu Bhai (6 February 1933 – 19 January 2018) was a newspaper journalist and columnist, poet and a great writer of Pakistan. Munnu Bhai started his career by working as a translator for an Urdu language newspaper but eventually developed into a playwright and a dramatist. His career as a drama-writer was primarily devoted to writing plays for Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). As a playwright, Munnu Bhai’s most famous TV drama to date is Sona Chandi released in 1982. He has also written plays like ‘Ashiana’ and ‘Dasht’ and contributed in an environmental documentary- ‘Before It’s Too Late’. Tamanna, a UK-Pakistani production shot entirely in Pakistan with the soundtrack featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also written by Munnu Bhai. He has been one of the most outstanding and consistent writers in Pakistan.

His Punjabi poetry is considered as one of the best works in recent Punjabi literature and poetry. As a regular columnist for the Daily Jang newspaper, Munnu Bhai is considered to be among Pakistan’s best and brightest columnists. Munnu Bhai was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 2007 for his services to the nation. He was also rewarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) Award on 23rd March 2018 for his notable literary services. He was a kind hearted man who spent his life for raising a voice for reality and justice.

Munnu Bhai’s love for humanity was beyond imagination. The greatest example of it is the Sundus Foundation, which was started for the purpose of treating patients suffering from Thalassemia. He was a man who served his country without any greed. Munnu Bhai was a writer who sensed the pain of society, he knew how to highlight the darkness of society so his writings reflect the actual face of the society. He passed away in Lahore, Pakistan, on 19 January 2018 at the age of 84. Although, he left us, his legacy still lives on in the countless contributions he made to the nation.

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Mr. Yaseen Khan is a well-known name in the fields of social work and philanthropy. He established Sundas Foundation in the year 1998 with the ambition to help reduce the menace of Thalassemia & Hemophilia from our society and to provide free of cost & quality patient care services. Apart from leading the overall operations of the Foundation, he works tirelessly to bring in corporate and governmental support for Sundas Foundation’s Aid and development work, as well as the causes we represent.

Mr. Yaseen Khan started doing social work about 30 years ago, when he joined Fatimid Foundation as the head of blood management department. He noticed that patients suffering from Thalassemia & Hemophilia had to come from far-flung areas, which takes a very heavy toll over the health of already diseased patients. Keeping in view the miseries of the parents and patients, he decided to establish such a facility in Gujranwala. The facility was named after the name of a Thalassemia patient ‘Sundas’, therefore an organization by the name of Sundas Foundation came into being.

Keeping in view the ever-increasing number of Thalassemia patients, he also helped establish many other institutions to provide services to these patients including Noor Thalassemia Foundation, Jado Jehad Foundation, Lahore, Amna Hematological Services & Blood Bank Multan, and Pakistan Thalassemia Center, Islamabad.

Mr. Yasin also extended his expertise in establishing Pakistan Sweet Homes an institution for at least 4000 orphans, whose parents fell victim to terrorism, especially in K.P.K. and Baluchistan in 2011. He is also the President of Pakistan Civil Society, where he has helped fight for the rights of disadvantaged, neglected and marginalized people of our society.

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Sohail Ahmed (born 1 May 1963), best known as Azizi, is a Pakistani comedian and stage & TV actor. He also appears in a popular Dunya TV show Hasb-e-Haal where he addresses local, social and political issues of Pakistan in such a manner so that it not only entertains but also clears the if’s and but’s from a viewer’s brain.

Sohail Ahmed, the icon and trend setter, was born in Gujranwala, a city of Punjab Pakistan which is famous due for its food and now the city residents also proudly claim that Azizi is the son of their soil. His father Mian Muhammad Akram was D.S.P Gujranwala while his grandfather Dr. Fakeer Muhammad was a philanthropist known as BABA-E- PUNJABI because of his research work and more than 40 books he wrote in Punjabi. Sohail Ahmed not only performed, he actually improvised many versatile roles and explored his skills so intelligently, which makes him different from others. Sohail Ahmed has also also been an active member of Punjab Arts council and a blunt opponent of vulgarity and obscenity in stage dramas.

Sohail Ahmed has been an active member of Sundas Foundation for many years and currently serving as Director of the Foundation. His services to the organization are exemplary and are a source of motivation for the community.

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Mr. Khalid Abbas Dar, born 1942, is an actor, playwright, director, theatre producer, entertainer, mimic, one-man show and a television host. He has worked for over five and half decades and today Khalid Abbas Dar is recognized as a well-known entertainer in Pakistan. He was awarded Presidential Award for Pride of Performance in 1999, Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2006-07 and Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2013 by the Government of Pakistan.

Khalid Abbas Dar started his career as a child performer on Radio Pakistan in 1955, and was the first ever “One Man Show” performer of PTV ever since its inception in 1964. He has also worked endlessly for the people of Pakistan in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health across Pakistan, stretching over a number of shows to promote awareness on health issues such as Polio, Mother & Child, Malaria, Hepatitis, HIV; AIDS.

Mr. Khalid Abbas Dar has been associated with Sundas Foundation for many years and currently works with the foundation as its Director. He is one of the most active members of the organization who works endlessly for the benefit of the Foundation. Besides his very tight schedules, he ensures that he is available to attend all the main events arranged by Sundas Foundation and spends his full energies in helping the Foundation achieve its objectives.