Board Member


Mr. Yaseen Khan is a well-known name in the fields of social work and philanthropy. He established Sundas Foundation in the year 1998 with the ambition to help reduce the menace of Thalassemia & Hemophilia from our society and to provide free of cost & quality patient care services. Apart from leading the overall operations of the Foundation, he works tirelessly to bring in corporate and governmental support for Sundas Foundation’s Aid and development work, as well as the causes we represent.

Mr. Yaseen Khan started doing social work about 30 years ago, when he joined Fatimid Foundation as the head of blood management department. He noticed that patients suffering from Thalassemia & Hemophilia had to come from far-flung areas, which takes a very heavy toll over the health of already diseased patients. Keeping in view the miseries of the parents and patients, he decided to establish such a facility in Gujranwala. The facility was named after the name of a Thalassemia patient ‘Sundas’, therefore an organization by the name of Sundas Foundation came into being.

Keeping in view the ever-increasing number of Thalassemia patients, he also helped establish many other institutions to provide services to these patients including Noor Thalassemia Foundation, Jado Jehad Foundation, Lahore, Amna Hematological Services & Blood Bank Multan, and Pakistan Thalassemia Center, Islamabad.

Mr. Yasin also extended his expertise in establishing Pakistan Sweet Homes an institution for at least 4000 orphans, whose parents fell victim to terrorism, especially in K.P.K. and Baluchistan in 2011. He is also the President of Pakistan Civil Society, where he has helped fight for the rights of disadvantaged, neglected and marginalized people of our society.